Every single Vespa™ is a unique piece of art; that’s why we believe the restoration has to happen with pride.

We try to restore the original atmosphere of the Vespa and to give them back their glamorous life of 50 years ago. Two aspects get our uttermost attention: authencity and functionality.

At Vintage Vespa, we put in place a strict procedure for the restoration of a Vintage Vespa.

It all starts with the right Vespa, not every old Vespa will make a good restauration piece. We carefully select which Vespa’s to restore and which not. Only good quality Italian scooters with all necessary original papers fulfill our needs.

After selection we start with the complete stripping of the Vespas. Once stripped to bare metal with all paint removed, the body is repaired and dented to give it back it’s smooth, bump-free surface.

Then, the preparation for the Vintage Vespa transformation can start. On the bare metal of the body an epoxy primer is applied, followed by a second primer. This process ensures that we have the perfect surface before we apply the final paint in our paint cabin. After this, the surface is re-evaluated for any irregularities. This is one of the many key areas where you can greatly distinct our quality compared to others. When ready, the frame is covered with two different primers, a layer of color paint and an extra protection layer. Finally, the Vespa™ is polished to give it its clean and shiny look.

The insides also go through a complete make over… This means nothing less than rebuilding the complete engine with new parts. This engine extensively tested on our test benches to fine-tune it.

The last step is re-assembling the Vespa. Yet again, practically only new parts are used, from cables to horns and from lights to tyres. The Vespa can start its second life…