…about buying a Vespa

What type of models do you have?

We are specialized in the one and only “VBB 150” model.Why? We just love the VBB, we love the perfect sixties rear roundings, we love the round headlight and we love the sound of the engine.Specializing also allows us to guarantee a stock of spare parts for the VBB Vespa.

…about owning a Vespa

Do I need a license plate for my Vespa?

Every Vespa with more capacity than 50cc has to be officially registered at the Belgian service for registration of vehicles (DIV). They issue the license plates. We provide our customers with the official registration form. With that form, you only need to choose your insurance company to insure and register your Vespa. Most insurance agencies do the necessary paper work for you

What about a certificate of conformity?Motorised vehicles in most western countries need a certificate of conformity before it can be registered. However, for vehicles constructed before 1970 this rule does not apply. At the time of purchase we will provide you with all the original papers needed for registration in your home country.

…about maintaining a Vespafrom Vintage Vespa

Has the engine just been revised?If your engine has just been revised (which would be if you just bought a Vespa from Vintage Vespa™) you need to take extra care of your Vespa for the first hundreds of kilometers.

But I want to try it myself!

All technical specifications can be found on our VBB reference card.

I don’t know anything about mechanics. Where can I go to with any technical defect?Vintage Vespa™ has enough technical knowledge in house to help you with any defects on your Vintage Vespa scooter. Just make an appointment with us.

…about driving a Vespa

Do I need a special driving license for my Vespa?This depends on your Vespa, the country where you will use it, your age, and the issue date of your car driving license. There are also different categories of scooters, with accompanying regulations concerning license and minimum age.
For most countries however a car driving licence will be sufficient for driving a 150cc Vespa™.

Is a helmet compulsory?Yes. For all motorised vehicles, it is compulsory to wear a helmet. Even for mopeds of the lowest category.

What is the speed limit for a Vespa?
A Vespa with a cylinder capacity above 50 cc, officially registered and insured, has the same speed limits as a car.

What kind of gas is needed?The Vintage Vespa 150 cc has a two-stroke engine. So two-stroke fuel is needed. To make 2 stroke fuel add 2 to 4cl of synthetic oil to each litre of Super Lead Free fuel.